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Designers: Siren Betty Design

Siren Betty Design is an interior design firm based out of Chicago, Illinois and the design team behind Safe Bet Design.  As specialists in restaurant, bar, hotel and hospitality design, we formed Safe Bet Design for (partly) selfish reasons:  we didn't want ugly barriers mucking up the spaces we'd worked so hard to make beautiful.  

At the same time, we wanted our bar and restaurant clients to feel confident in welcoming back their guests - giving them a safe environment without compromising the vibe that brought the guests there in the first place.  

Siren Betty's design team consists of designers from various backgrounds, resulting in a comprehensive design service for our clients in both commercial and high-end residential spaces.  We offer concept ideation, art curation, procurement, purchasing, 3D modeling, construction documentation, fabrication, and more- depending upon the nature of each project. 

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