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About Safe Bet Design

The reality of COVID-19 means that the hospitality industry can't go back to business as usual.   Social distancing and protective barriers are now necessary to keep patrons and staff safe.  At Safe Bet Design, we believe that safe can also be beautiful. 

Safe Bet Design makes thoughtfully-designed protective barriers for bars, restaurants and hospitality spaces. 

  • Our designs feel organic to the space, not like generic add-ons.  We've partnered with one of the hospitality industry's most respected bar operators Leisure Activities to make sure that our designs enhance the hospitality experience instead of taking away from it. 

  • We have styles to compliment any kind of decor - modern and minimalist, earthy and warm, vintage and timeless - and a variety of sizes to meet your needs.  Many of the styles serve dual purposes, such as wayfinding and signage display. Don't see exactly what you need?  We'll work with you to come up with a custom piece made exclusively for you.

  • While our designs were made to be easily installed, we can also help connect you with an expert installer or work with you on custom fittings, based on your space. 

  • And when the world has kicked COVID to the curb and protective barriers are no longer necessary, Safe Bet Design will help you repurpose or recycle the acrylic components of your barrier or identify a local art school or university to donate them to. 

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