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Ours v. Theirs

Your customers don't want to feel like they're sipping cocktails at the DMV or a bellying up to a bank teller.  That's what traditional protective barriers feel like - sterile, clinical, cold. 


Our designs feel like they belong in your space - because they do.  


Designs that feel organic to the space - not like generic add-ons.


Designed in partnership with hospitality pros who know what works. 


Styles to complement any decor - modern, vintage, earthy and more.


Many styles can also serve as wayfinding and signage or menu display.


Easy installation (or opt for our professional install service).

COVID won't last forever, so we've designed each of our styles with its full life cycle in mind. The acrylic portions can be easily removed, leaving the wood, metal or concrete components available to be used on their own as planters, decorative wall-hangings or display pieces.  Safe Bet Design has a long-list of art schools, design studios, and after-school programs who will give new life to your discarded acrylic (in some cases, the acrylic may even qualify as a tax-deductible donation). 
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